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Beth Abraham is the Hebrew phrase meaning "Family of Abraham." Our ancestor Abraham is the father not only of all the Jewish People, but also of all people who trustingly follow God and obey Him. Messianic Judaism is the branch of the Jewish faith which teaches that the God of our ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, has sent His Messiah to be the Sin-bearer and the Way to real friendship with God (like Abraham had) for both Jews and non-Jews. If you have not yet received the gift of eternal Life by faith in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (That's Hebrew for Jesus), it is my prayer that you will do so today. Whether you already belong to Him or not, I hope this website will be spiritually helpful to you. You may write to me, Glen Penton, by clicking here. At present, the best article on this site, in my opinion, is The Story of the Steps, which presents a basic Messianic Jewish framework for understanding biblical history and teachings. There are also shorter articles on several topics. One about which I get a lot of positive comments is the one about the broken reeds and smoldering wicks. I also offer you two outstanding articles by Aharon, a Christmas article and a Passover article. Please check them out. You'll love his work.
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More than half a century ago, the Rev. George Lauderdale pioneered Messiah's good news in Atlanta's Jewish Community. Decades later, when I was a young man, George mentored me in that work. George's website is here.

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